Green Features
Green Upgrades
Each renovated home will be fully insulated with new high efficiency heating and air conditioning, new double
paned windows, and new high efficiency appliances.     New homes will also have the same features.  
Preservation the Existing Tree Canopy
The initial site has several 100 year old trees and a great many other large trees.   Almost all of these trees will be
preserved by building the new houses in old house footprint and other tree protection steps.  "It is possible to achieve
as much as a 30% reduction in cooling and heating costs through careful landscape planning."
Green Building
Years of neglect and hard treatment had left the homes in the original neighborhood in very poor shape.   The city had
condemned most of buildings and had begun their systematic demolition.   The Rosengarten Park Neighborhood
Restoration Project successfully stopped the demolitions and has initiated the restoration of all the remaining homes.
Reuse of Existing Structures
Urban IS Green
Houses built in the urban core use the existing roads, water lines, electric & gas infrastructure.  Higher density
housing in walkable environments reduce commute time and are green by nature
Urban Is Healthy for Individuals and for The Planet
The CDC, the Center for Disease Control, has produced a 15 minute video promoting higher density, mixed used,
urban development as a way to promote the health of citizens and reduce global warming.  
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Neighborhood Restoration Project