Sandborn Map
Rosengarten Park
Sanborn Maps were originally created for assessing fire insurance liability in
urbanized areas in the United States. The maps include detailed information
regarding town and building information in approximately 12,000 U.S. towns and
cities from 1867 to 1970. Author Kim Keister describes the legacy of Sanborn maps:
"Stated simply, the Sanborn maps survive as a guide to American urbanization that is
unrivaled by other cartography and, for that matter, by few documentary resources of
any kind." They are a highly useful resource for historical research, planning,
preservation, genealogical research, sociological studies and research of urban
geography. Experted from Wikipedia -
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This Sanborn Map clearly shows the original footprints of each house along
S. Saunders Street and what was then called Saunders Avenue (now Rosengaten
Alex Rosengarten - Founder
This neighborhood was created by Alex Rosengarten, a Russian immigrant and local
merchant that purchased the land and subdivided it into individual parcels.  We
located a short biography about him in book on the history of Raleigh.  Click on the
thumbnails to see the enlargements.
Original Residents
The annual Hill Directory Co’s 1915 City Directory found in the North Carolina State
Archives have street indexes that list who lived at each address in the city of Raleigh,
the resident’s professions.  We noticed that all the residents in the neighborhood had
asterisks next to their names.  The librarian informed us that the directories of that
time also tracked the race of the residents.  Looking beyond the disturbing
implications of tracking people by race, this information helped us confirm that this
neighborhood was populated by African American tradespeople, including a firemen,
carpenters, laborers, sheet metal workers, car cleaners, porters, a barber, and a
grocer.    Click here to see the List of
Original Residents documents.
Original Plat
By clicking on the thumbnail to the left,
you will be able to see that the first
plat was recorded in 1919.  This is
significant in that the houses were
built and occupied at least 4 years
prior to being platted.

Also, you will note that Saunders
Avenue was renamed Rosengarten
Alley at the time the plat was recorded.
Neighborhood Restoration Project