Winner !
2010 Sir Walter Raleigh Award
For Community Appearance
Rosengarten Park of the 4th Ward
Sales Information
Richard Johnson
Phone: 919.271.1021
Our 2nd annual historic homes tour will be coordinated with the Boylan Heights Art Walk again this year.  
 Please come out, see the art, and tour the newly renovated homes in Rosengarten Park!
Mayor Meeker presented the awards.  We are grateful
for his long term support of our restoration efforts in
downtown Raleigh.
Rosengarten Park of the 4th Ward
Neighborhood Restoration Project Participants

Since this is both a development & a community restoration project, we have two sets of
people:  the development group and the individual renovators and builders.  

Development Group – CitySpace Development

The development group purchased the initial properties, created the neighborhood
restoration project, and recorded the necessary covenants and design standards.  We then
began renovating a number of houses and offered a number of other houses to individuals
wishing to renovate themselves.

Richard Johnson - Lead Developer                         Jon Taylor – Developer/Financier
Amy Goodale – Developer/Designer                       Drake Bratton – Developer/Financier
                                                                               Milt Rhodes – Architectural Consultant
                                                                               Tony Bailey – Consultant
                                                                               Anne Fahim – Historic research
Renovators & Builders
These individuals purchased properties in need of extensive renovations or purchased lots
to build new houses.  In either case, the owners & contractors agreed to restore or rebuild
the houses to historic specifications in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.   
(Owners involved in the renovation project are listed, while after renovation purchasers are

506 S. Saunders Street                507 S. Saunders Street
Sumared inc – Renovator             Dan Meyer– Owner
Amanda Bouska- Owner
Frank Marina – Builder

508 S. Saunders Street                510 S. Saunders Street
Erica Cumming – Owner               David Pittman – Owner
Gerard Scofield -Owner                Frank Marina – Renovator
Eric Cumming – Renovator

512 S. Saunders Street                513 S. Saunders Street
Johnny Chappell – Owner             Sumared inc – Renovator
Ryan Smith -Owner                
Frank Marina – Renovator

504 S. Saunders Street                511 S. Saunders Street
Richard Johnson – Renovator      Richard Johnson – Renovator