Downtown Professionals Who"Get it"
We are fortunate to be working with real estate
professionals who have lived or worked for years in
downtown Raleigh, working in the community they
have developed a unique understanding of Raleigh's
urban lifestyle.  They "get it".   This project is the result
of a collaboration between a number of such
individuals, all of whom are obsessed with the
planning, design, and construction of homes that
contribute to Raleigh's growing urban lifestyle.
About Us
Richard Johnson - CitySpace
Jon Taylor - CitySpace
Frank Liggett, Liggett Design   
Richard has been working in Raleigh's historic districts for ten years.  
Cityspace has restored many historic homes in Boylan Heights.  A
former resident of  the neighborhood, Richard and his wife dreamed of
revitalizing this area as they looked over it from their front porch.
Frank is a locally renown landscape architect.  His mission is to help
translate the ambitious goals of the project into practical and a
executable format.
A true Raleigh downtowner, Jon has shaped the vision and directed
the acquisition for this project and other innovate ventures in the area.   
Milt Rhodes -      
Milt is an architect, a new urbanist, and an international charrette
consultant.  He lives in downtown Raleigh, and is using his unique
expertise to push this project's design to become one of the most
ambitious urban developments in the country.
Since 1994 we have worked with communities and
restored homes in the historic neighborhoods of
downtown Raleigh. Our historically detailed Boylan
Heights Condominiums (adjacent to Rosengarten
Park) was  the first multifamily project to be approved
in the Boylan Heights Historic District and won the
2006 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for
Community Appearance.
Neighborhood Restoration Project